Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leonardo the Terrible Monster

Submitted by Tess from Lexington Park!
Your pal Mo Willems presents Leonardo the Terrible Monster, a fantastic tale of a truly terrible monster. However, Leonardo isn't terrible in the traditional sense--he doesn't strike terror into anyone actually. He's more terrible in the way it might mean "lousy." He's pretty ashamed of himself, for the fact he isn't big, or weird, or scary. He's doesn't have 1,642 teeth. He's actually kind of cute. But Leo has a plan: "He would find the most scaredy-cat kid in the whole world... and scare the tuna salad out of him!" After thorough research, Leonardo pinpoints his victim--a little boy named Sam, seemingly always on the verge of tears. But he's not scared of Leonardo either! Perhaps Leonardo might be a terrible monster, but he could be a wonderful friend to Sam.

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