Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Duck Soup

Submitted by Carol from Charlotte Hall!
Duck Soup written and illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic. This is a very entertaining story about Duck, who loves to cook, mainly soups. He cooks for his friends and does not always make the most appetizing meals, such as cracker barrel cheese and marshmallow soup, and fish soup with curry and pickled lemon. One day he decides he wants to create his very own soup with his very own special recipe. He wants to be a great chef. His friends arrive and they can't find Duck. They look in the kitchen and they see the soup Duck is preparing and there is a feather floating on top. OH NO!!!! Did Duck fall in? His friends panic and are determined to find out. They rush and get out the strainer. Join the fun as Dakota, Brody and Bebe try to rescue Duck. Will they succeed or will Duck become Duck Soup?

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