Monday, April 13, 2009

A Taste of Colored Water

Matt Faulkner's A Taste of Colored Water is an engaging story about an important issue. When Abbey Finch informs Jelly and LuLu that she saw a fountain of colored water in the big city, they decide they need to see it for themselves. It's probably just one of Abbey's crazy stories, but what if isn't? Can you imagine a fountain of water all the colors of the rainbow? And probably the flavor of assorted fruits! So they decide to tag along the next time Uncle Jack has to drive to the city. But Jelly and Lulu live in the south during the civil rights movement. And the "colored" sign over their fountain of water, is just part of the unfair Jim Crow laws popular there at the time. It's an unfortunate discovery for them to make. Being children, they wonder "what color does a person have to be to get a taste of colored water?"

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