Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Stray Dog

I might be a wee bit partial to this book because I am the owner of a formerly stray dog, who I adopted from a shelter a year ago, and now totally rules my life, but this story is great, and I find children really get emotionally invested in it. The Stray Dog, adapted from a true story and artfully illustrated by Marc Simont, tells the tale of a family who grows fond of a homeless canine during a picnic in the park. Mom and Dad and the two kids worry about the mutt they dub Willy until they meet him again, being chased by the dog catcher! "He has no collar. He has no leash." says the dog catcher, but the little boy takes off his belt. "Here's his collar," and the little girl takes off her hair ribbon--"Here's his leash." Willy is saved and taken in by the family in this heartwarming book!

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