Friday, March 6, 2009

Olivia Forms a Band

Olivia Forms a Band is my favorite of Ian Falconer's fabulous Olivia series. Olivia, you should know, is well endowed with the ability to wear people out, especially her mother. In this installment of the saga that is Olivia, her family is planning to attend a fireworks show. Olivia is outraged when she's informed there will not be a band at the evening's festivities. "I'll be the band," she concludes. But, her mother tells her, "the word 'band' means more than one person, and a band sounds like more than one person." This sounds like a challenge to Olivia. She grabs all the items necessary for a one-pig band, and is soon clanging through the house (to her, of course, she sounds like the most marvelous marching band). You're sure to enjoy this Olivia book as well as all of Falconer's others. What will Olivia think of next?

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