Monday, March 9, 2009

Love the Baby

Love the Baby by Steven L. Layne, with pictures by Ard Hoyt, is the tale of one bunny's transition to big brotherhood. He's very happy when mom and dad come home with the new baby, but not for long. Soon mom is rocking the baby in his chair! Nana is singing the baby his song! Dad is building a tower for baby with his blocks! And everywhere he goes people are asking him to help love the baby. So he pretends to love the baby. He'll tickle him, but not on the tummy. He'll read to him, but not from his favorite book. Until one day he's tired of pretending he's not jealous of all the attention the new baby is getting, and runs up to his room. But that night, the baby is crying, and when big brother goes to comfort him, he realizes he really does love the baby!

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