Friday, March 6, 2015

The Story of Fish & Snail

Submitted by Ms. Cassie!
In The Story of Fish & Snail Deborah Freedman writes and illustrates a captivating tale of two friends: Fish and Snail. These two buddies live in a story book! One that is nice and safe, which is fine by Snail. But Fish is looking for adventure! While Snail is content to stay at home and pretend to be kitties, Fish wants to show Snail his new book: it has a whole new ocean, secret treasure, and even a pirate ship! When the two disagree, Fish leaves. This makes Snail very distraught. He is compelled to follow his friend into the new story book, despite his fears. Once he arrives they mend their friendship and compromise, playing kitty-pirates! This is a fantastic book for the imaginative child. The suspension of belief required to immerse yourself in the land of a story book makes this a beautiful and entertaining read. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Submitted by Mr. Eric!
Marveltown by Bruce McCall is one of those books that can feel nostalgic for some readers while seeming like a completely new experience for others. Marveltown is an amazing place: seemingly inspired by comics like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, it looks as if it came straight out of old comic strips from the 1930's. In Marveltown children sky-ski on their way to school, have fun rocket-jumping by moonlight, and use the city’s floating freeway to visit the mechanical-animal zoo on their weekends. It is a city of geniuses, where all of the citizens work together to come up with fantastic inventions to make life better for the entire city. But what happens when the inventions of the grown-ups fail, causing an army of rogue robots to attack the city? The children of Marveltown will have to step up to the plate and invent something to save the day! (Pro tip: try reading the book to your child using your best “old timey radio voice!”) See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, March 2, 2015

One Winter's Day

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
One Winter's Day by M. Christina Butler is a story about a little hedgehog. Hedgehog gets caught in a blustery storm that blows his cozy house away so he decides to go stay with his friend Badger until the storm passes. Hedgehog has a nice warm hat, scarf, and mittens for his journey. On his way he bumps into a family of mice. Their home has also been blown away by the storm and they are so cold. Hedgehog gives the family of mice his cozy hat so they can be warm. Hedgehog is so generous, as he continues on his journey and ends up giving other animals his mittens and his scarf. When he finally reaches Badger's house he is frozen! Badger lets him in and warms him up. After the storm passes, Badger and Hedgehog head out to build Hedgehog a new home.... when they discover that all the animals that Hedgehog was so nice to have already build him a nice, cozy, new home, for being such a thoughtful, kind Hedgehog. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wolfie the Bunny

Submitted by special guest blogger Ms. Melissa, one of our fabulous library "subs!"
Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman, illustrations by Zachariah OHora. Becoming a big brother or sister is tough, especially if you’re a bunny and your baby brother is a wolf! I mean, wouldn’t he eat you up?!? Bunny Dot voices her concerns to her parents on a regular basis, even her friends do, but her parents ignore her and continue to dote on her little wolf brother, Wolfie. One day, her growing brother’s appetite consumes all of their carrots. Dot doesn’t want Wolfie to eat her up, so she must buy more carrots to fill his belly! Mama bunny dresses Wolfie in his bunny suit (it’s cold outside!), and with urgency Dot escorts her brother to the market. While there, the duo encounters a hungry bear. Ironically, the bear wants to have Wolfie for dinner! This is the perfect opportunity for Dot to run, but she doesn’t. She steps up and defends her brother. The bear isn’t bothered: after all, a bunny is no match for a bear. Dot persists “I’ll eat you up… I’ll start at your toes!” Bear is frightened by Dot’s big personality and runs off. From this experience, Dot realizes having a little brother isn’t so bad. Wolfie may act like your typical little brother, he may even be a Wolf, but that doesn’t mean she loves him any less. This book is an enjoyable read and a great one to use as a platform for discussing siblings and family to your children. (Or, just check it out because it’s a hilariously fun story!) See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Fox in the Library

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
The Fox in the Library by Lorenz Pauli is a story about a fox and a little mouse. Fox follows Mouse into the library. Fox wants to have Mouse for dinner but Mouse explains that the library isn't a forest and you can only borrow things here. Mouse tries to distract Fox by giving him books to read that will give him new ideas. This works because now Fox is thinking about chickens instead of mice. Mouse explains all about the library to Fox: how to borrow books, how to remember to keep them nice and clean, and how to check them out. Fox leaves and returns a few days later with Chicken. Chicken doesn't look too happy. He is trying to convince Fox that chicken bones are bad for foxes. Then a fox-hunting-chicken-eating farmer comes into the library and Chicken and Fox work together to come up with a plan that will be good for them both. Fox agrees to dig Chicken out of his coop if Chicken will teach him to read and that's just what they did. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich

Submitted by Ms. Sara!
The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach. Well, your sandwich is gone. What happened to it? Glad you asked! A bear ate it! After falling asleep in a truck full of berries, the bear found himself in an unknown forest, your city. He enjoyed the still-scratchy bark and the squishy mud, and then he saw your sandwich sitting all alone on a bench. He made sure no one could see him and then… he ate your sandwich! The bear, missing his own forest, made his way home. Full of berries and your sandwich, he went to sleep. Yep, that is definitely what happened to your sandwich, I’m sorry to say… If you like clever twists and beautiful illustrations, try reading this one aloud with your child. You’ll get a kick out of the bear’s many facial expressions and the ending will leave everyone laughing. See this book listed in our catalog
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