Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Farmer and the Clown

Submitted by Ms. Karen!
The Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee. A small clown boy bounces unnoticed off of the circus train out on the wide empty prairie. Empty, except for a solitary old farmer, who comes to the rescue of the boy. Too far away to signal the train, he takes the little clown by the hand, and returns to his tiny home to care for the boy 'til the train might return. With muted color and simple pictures that somehow convey so much (watch the priceless facial expressions), this wonderful wordless book describes the “Now what?” as the unsure old man and the lost little clown begin a friendship, eating, working, and playing together. Egg juggling anyone? At last, when the little clown’s family comes for him, the tiny clown and the farmer part as dear friends, and all is well. Your littles will love telling you this story as they “read” the pictures to you. See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, February 8, 2016


Submitted by Ms. Sam!
Chopsticks by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Scott Magoon is the tale of Chopsticks, best friends since forever! The pair of sticks are quite the elegant pair. That is until the big accident. The dynamic duo must learn to lead separate lives while the one heals. Chopstick is unsure about whether he can handle life on his own. Chopstick soon realizes that the fork in the road he was forced to deal with has opened his eyes to the abundance of possibilities the duo can now share together. Chopstick learns to be the instrument to tell if muffins are ready to come out of the oven, participate in pick up sticks, and even pole vault! This story is a fantastic(k) one of coming into your own! See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monster Needs a Christmas Tree

Submitted by Ms. Brenda!

In Monster Needs a Christmas Tree by Paul Czajak, Monster sets out to get a Christmas tree. On the way to the tree lot, so many joyful things keep Monster from his mission. Sitting on Santa’s lap, sled riding, snowman building, with the inevitable snowball fight, and general snow merriment are hard to resist! Monster was having so much fun that when he finally got to the tree lot the last tree was being carried off by someone else. OH, NO! It was a long and sad walk home, but once he got inside, Monster had a brilliant idea! He gathered every houseplant he could find and he “built” a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree. Now, I wonder if Santa will leave Monster a present under his homemade tree. Take a fun-filled, rhyming romp with this book and find out! See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa's Stuck

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Santa's Stuck by Rhonda Gowler Greene is a funny Christmas story about Santa Claus. Santa is almost done but before he heads up the chimney he decides it can't hurt to have just one more cookie. Santa takes a break and sits back and has a feast. He eats so much his buttons pop. When Santa finishes he heads back up the chimney to the waiting reindeer. The reindeer suddenly hear Santa yell "Help!" Oh no. Santa is stuck. Dog hears Santa and runs downstairs to see what is going on and he sees Santa's boots dangling from the chimney. Dog tries to push Santa while the reindeer try to pull, but no luck, Santa is stuck. Soon Mama cat and all her kittens join in and try to help Dog push, but no luck, Santa is stuck. Next little mouse tries to help but Santa just isn't budging. Mouse has a bright idea. Will Mouse's idea work? Will Christmas be saved? Read this humorous story to find out. See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Submitted by Ms. Cassie!
Robo-Sauce by Adam Rubin. From the duo that created the delights Dragons Love Tacos and Secret Pizza Party comes another tasty treat. Imagine if you knew the recipe for the super-secret, super-special sauce that would turn an ordinary, squishy human into a robot! The joy! The wonder! Well, crack open this adventure and find out not only how to make Robo-Sauce, but also what happens when the spread of the sauce goes unchecked. Is it ultimate disaster? Or a brand new world? And enjoy the surprise interactive, double-flap design. It just may blow some Robo-kid’s processors. See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, December 21, 2015


Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Waiting by Keven Henkes is a story about a pig, a bear, a puppy, an owl, and a bunny all waiting for something marvelous to happen. There are five of them, each one waiting for something different. Owl is waiting for the moon, the pig with an umbrella is waiting for rain, and so on. Sometimes they sleep. Sometimes things disappear, and then other times things appear. They see so many wonderful things. Rainbows, lightning, fireworks, and all kinds of weather happen while they are waiting and sitting on a windowsill, looking out, happy to see what can happen next. See this book listed in our catalog
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